What is Toenail Fungus?

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What is Toenail Fungus?
A nail that is infected by a fungus usually turns white or yellow. As the fungus spreads, the nail turns a darker color and gets thicker.

What is toenail fungus?


Most patients see yellowing and thickening of the nail. With time the nail may become brittle with jagged edges, deformed, or detached from the nail bed. Fungal nail infections may cause nails to become discolored, thick, fragile, or cracked. The nail may also become separated from the nail bed.


    • Older age.
    • Wearing shoes that make your feet sweat heavily.
    • Having had athlete's foot in the past.
    • Walking barefoot in damp public areas, such as swimming pools, gyms and shower rooms.
    • Having a minor skin or nail injury.

    Toenail fungus treatments can come in a variety of forms such as oral, topical, homeopathic medications, laser therapy and other treatments are the most commonly used.

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